Making Equine Ultrasound Safe and Affordable For Breeders

Dr. Jim Kubiak, of The Breeder’s Assistant in Ramona, California, generously spent a day with me running through the fundamentals of equine reproductive ultrasound. The following videos are the result of our day together.

Everyone who goes through Dr. Kubiak’s courses (and he has a lot of them!) comes out just blown away by how magnificent he is as a teacher. You’re going to love getting to know him in these videos, and if you’re interested in really taking your skills to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend you look into attending one or more of his courses. People fly in from all over the world to study under him, and attending his ultrasound course will truly be an event your will remember — and benefit from — the rest of your life.

* Note: Some of the videos in the following sections are a little long, so you may need to give them a minute to load before viewing.




Next up …
Introductory Material
Preliminaries and Safety Measures, Part 1
Preliminaries and Safety Measures, Part 2
Finding and Measuring Follicles
Finding and Tracking Embryos

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