Making Equine Ultrasound Safe and Affordable For Breeders

This is a continuation of the first page of FAQ’s Dr. Kubiak recorded. You can find a link back to the first set at the bottom.


“Can you tell whether a mare is in heat with ultrasound (and where she is in her cycle)?”


“How is uterine fluid identified with ultrasound?”


“How soon after breeding can you spot a pregnancy with ultrasound?”


“What is the best method or search pattern for finding a pregnancy with ultrasound?”


“How are twins detected with ultrasound (and what do you do about them)?”


“How do you differentiate between a uterine cyst and a pregnancy?”


“How early can you see the heartbeat of a foal with ultrasound?”


“Can you determine the sex of a foal with ultrasound? And if so, how?”


“Do I need to clean the ultrasound probe between mares?”


“What resources are available to help me interpret ultrasound images better?”

* Note: the textbook Dr. Kubiak mentioned is included in
our (complete) training package.


“Do you have any other tips for getting started with ultrasound?”

* Note: for more info on Dr. Kubiak’s workshops,



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