Making Equine Ultrasound Safe and Affordable For Breeders

Ultrasound Imaging in Mares

Presentation and Video Case Studies, by Mark Arns, PhD



This presentation was developed to assist producers and students with learning the use of ultrasound imaging when managing mares. The ultrasound is a valuable tool, maybe the most valuable tool, that can assist breeding managers with the management of mares. The ultrasound can be used to determine potential health of the mare’s reproductive tract, determine the best time to breed, determine the presence and status of an early pregnancy, and assist with the management of twins.

Caution: Ultrasound imaging requires rectal insertion of the ultrasound probe. This can be a dangerous procedure if not done correctly and can lead to life threatening injury. Anyone attempting these procedures should receive proper training and use caution when performing. Further, most states restrict rectal palpation (and ultrasound exams) to licensed veterinarians only, unless done by the mare’s owner or their full time employee. Before performing these procedures on mares owned by anyone other than yourself, view and understand your state’s regulations to prevent legal liabilities.



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