Making Equine Ultrasound Safe and Affordable For Breeders


Dr. Mark Arns of the University of Arizona has been using our ultrasound systems for years, and we are incredibly happy to announce that he has shown his enormous generosity in making available for us to post here the material from his most recent presentation on equine reproductive ultrasound.

You will find an enormous wealth of concisely written information in Dr. Arns’s presentation, as well as two case studies consisting of sequences of video clips of his examinations (the captured 25-second cineloops from his CTS-5500V+).

(We soon hope to be able to provide audio commentary to each of the clips, and Dr. Arns has already spoken of another set of case studies coming along in the near future, which will also include the still images with their measurements.)

The link below will take you into the presentation, and then each screen will have navigational links at the bottom.

Enjoy the material!



Click here to enter the presentation …

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