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You can also save your entire cineloop as a video file if you like. If you do so, however, the files can be really big (a 25-second cineloop video can run 67 MB in size!). Something you may want to try, to radically reduce the file sizes of your videos, is to use a piece of software to convert your giant 67 MB .avi video files down to 2.2 MB .mp4 video files. 

Go download this program (for free!) and load it on your computer:


Launch the program and make these changes to the settings:

1.) With the video settings tab selected, make sure the format is set to MP4, and maybe check “web-optimized” if you’re going to show anything online.  Definitely check the option for Average Video Bit-Rate and set it to 800.  Make sure it’s listing the “H.264” codec, and check the little box for “2-pass encoding.”  Now go to the advanced tab and set the “reference frames” to four.  Those are the main settings you want.

* Note:  If you ever want to convert any video files that include audio, go to the audio tab and change the bit-rate to 112. 

* Note: You can then save all of these settings as a preset (up at the top there’s a menu item titled “Presents” and in that I think you’ll find one option for “new preset.”

2.) Click the “Source” button and then choose the .avi video file you want to convert … then just press Play.  It will convert the file for you and save it to your desktop.  Takes about 20 seconds or less to convert an average 67 MB .avi cineloop video into a 2.2 MB .mp4 video.

Give that a try!



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