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To speed up your annotation process, you can program in a set of commonly-used words and phrases, and then quickly access them using the “ANNOT” button.

Creating Your Own Custom Annotations:

  1. Press MENU and with “System Set-Up” highlighted press “Enter.”
  2. Use your trackball to scroll to the very bottom of the menu, highlight “Annotation Edit,” and press “Enter.”
  3. A window will pop up. Before starting to type anything in, it should be highlighting “Exam” or “Exam Select” up near the top left — press “Enter,” then in the resulting menu scroll down (using the trackball or the Value knob — the knob the furthest to the right on your ultrasound console) and highlight the custom exam type you have set up on your system (it might be “Reproductive of female,” or it might be “Equine repro” for instance). With that highlighted, press “Enter.” This will take you back to the original annotation window.
  4. Using the scroll ball, move down to the first field and start typing, dropping down the next field with your trackball as you go. You probably want to put things you use most commonly at top. (Use the backspace key to make corrections or changes.)
  5. You have room for 15 annotations. Pick things you imagine using often and would like to avoid having to type out every time. If you need to fix anything, just use the backspace key and type it in the way you want. When you finish, go to the bottom of the box and highlight “Set” (or “Save”) at the bottom left and press Enter.

Using Your Custom Annotations:

With these programmed into the system, after pressing “Freeze” to freeze an image you can use the “Annot” button to the left of the space bar to display this menu. Use the trackball to scroll down through the items, selecting them with “Enter” and moving the word around on the screen using the trackball, then sticking it on the screen with “Enter” again. (You can then either select another word from the annotation menu to move around on the screen, or you can make the little menu go away by pressing “Esc” to the left of the trackball.)

If you want to add to these annotations once they are on the screen or change anything, simply press “Text” (two buttons to the left of the “Annot” button) and use the trackball to position the cursor anywhere on the screen and just start typing.

To erase anything, simply position the cursor to the right of it and use the “Backspace” key (up at the top right of your keyboard) to back up over anything you don’t want, then simply type in anything you wish to change or add.

Once finished annotating your image, press “Esc” to exit the annotation or text mode.

Note: pressing “Clear Text” (to the left of the “Annot” button) will clear any text you have put on the screen. But be careful: this will also make your measurements disappear. It’s better to stick with using the TEXT mode and the “Backspace” button to make text corrections.

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