Making Equine Ultrasound Safe and Affordable For Breeders

Only a few things you need to know about your equine repro probe …


1.) If it arrives with that crinkly plastic sheath on the cord, carefully tear or cut that off.

2.) Only plug the probe in or unplug it when the system is turned OFF. You can see how to properly plug in your probe on the previous page, covering setting up your system.

3.) Use simple soapy water to clean your probe and probe cord. It’s not important to clean the probe between horses, but you do want to clean it after you’re done for the day. It’s okay to get it a little wet to clean it, but do NOT leave it sitting in water.

4.) Always be aware of where the probe cord is at during your examinations so that no one trips over it and so that it doesn’t get caught in anything. And when you’re done using it, always hang it up properly or wind up the cord and wrap it all in a towel and set it where it will be safe.

5.) Try your best not to drop it on hard ground or the floor of a barn or stall. It’s not the end of the world if you do that once or twice, but repeated drops could knock some of the crystals out of whack.

6.) Make sure when you are actually using the probe inside of a horse, that you hold the probe properly, as demonstrated by Dr. Kubiak in one of the introductory training videos.


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