Making Equine Ultrasound Safe and Affordable For Breeders

The ultrasound can focus its attention on any of four zones on the screen (in any combination). The “Near” zone means near the surface of the probe — or the top of the screen. The “Mid” zone means the middle of the screen. And the “Far 1” and “Far 2” zones mean lower down and at the very bottom of the screen.

By pressing these buttons, you can toggle the zones on or off. (This is displayed on the screen.)

Generally speaking, you want as few zones turned on as possible, so the ultrasound can concentrate just on where you are focusing your attention. So if what you are looking at is in the top half of the screen, you may want to simply have Near (N) and Mid (M) turned on. If what you’re looking at is entirely near the bottom of the image, you would want to turn off N and M, and turn on F1 and F2 instead. (I think you get the idea. Only turn on the zones where you are actually looking for something, and turn off zones where you are not.)




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