Making Equine Ultrasound Safe and Affordable For Breeders

Once you have the image you like on the screen, you simply press “Freeze” to capture it. Since you have a cineloop (covered in the next section), you don’t have to be spot-on with when you press “Freeze.” As soon as you have an image you like, hold it there a few moments if you can, but then don’t worry if you or the mare moves — simply press “Freeze.” (In the first step of the post-capture work flow, you will back up to the frame you want to work with.)

Note: Pressing the “Freeze” button both freezes and un-freezes the image. So after you freeze an image that you like, be careful not to press the button again until you’re totally done with the image. When you press “Freeze” again it will un-freeze the image (meaning, the image will be gone), and you will go back to scanning again.




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