Making Equine Ultrasound Safe and Affordable For Breeders

Your ultrasound is capable of a number of different “Grayscale” (GSC) values (think of these as different ways of the ultrasound interpreting the signal from the probe and representing it on the screen across 256 different shades of gray), as well as several variable settings governing how smooth an image is (SCC) and how much the ultrasound enhances edges (ENH).

There are no right or wrong settings for any of these three buttons. What you need to do is simply keep pressing each to toggle through its various settings (there are about 7 grayscale settings and 3 each of smoothing and enhancement) — and just watch the screen for what looks best during any given scan. The best settings can change from one mare to another, depending on other variables, so be sure to run through these options on each exam until you find a configuration that you like best. (Working with each of them from left to right seems best.)




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