Making Equine Ultrasound Safe and Affordable For Breeders

This section is going to cover a very simple, efficient work flow for finding a good image. This section is called “Pre-Capture” because it covers everything up to the point where you press “FREEZE” to freeze an image on the screen.

You will want to review (and master) each of these steps in order, so that you can easily and comfortably execute them in order with every exam. Later on you will likely refine your approach, but this initial work flow is an excellent way to get started.

Pre-Capture Work Flow

  1. Put in the Mare’s Name
  2. Set Your Focus Zones
  3. Check your Frequency
  4. Adjust your Position and Zoom
  5. Try Different Grayscale, Smoothing, and Enhancement Settings
  6. Adjust Your Master B-Gain
  7. Tweak the Gain Sliders
  8. Freeze the Image




Click here to view the next stage — the Post-Capture Work Flow …

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