Making Equine Ultrasound Safe and Affordable For Breeders

It’s highly recommended that you save all of your equine repro ultrasound images. Keeping a record this way will substantially improve your results with each season. And fortunately, saving image is very easy, and very quick.

You have the option of saving the image to your USB drive (and moving it to your computer) or saving it to the hard drive of the ultrasound itself. I like saving to the USB drive — which enables you to collect all of of the images for each mare in one folder, organized by date, so you can reference them throughout the season or review them the following year.

The only trick to saving them for your computer is that you will need to use the software sent along with your ultrasound to open the images on your computer. (You will then want to go to File>Save As and at the bottom of the save box, where you can choose the File Type, pick .bmp to save it as a bitmap file that can be read on any computer.) This seems a little more cumbersome than simply saving the images on the ultrasound, but it really is worth it.

Note: If for any reason you don’t have the program used to view your ultrasound images, you can download it by clicking here.

In order to save images, simply use the “Save” button at the top of the ultrasound. When you press it, you will have the option of choosing USB or Hard Disk. If you have a USB drive plugged into the back of your system, you can save them to USB and move them to your computer that way. If you save them to the Hard Disk, you will only be able to access them by using the “Recall” button.



Keeping your ultrasound images throughout the season (and from one season to the next) can add a substantial level of accuracy to your breeding program. Definitely take advantage of this.

And as a final safety tip: if you transfer images to your computer with the USB drive, be sure when removing the USB thumb drive from your computer, that you first go down to the bottom right corner of your monitor and look for the little green arrow icon to safely remove the device. If you hover over it, a little bubble will come up asking if you would like to safely remove the drive. Click the drive you want to remove (the USB drive) and then it will flash “Safe to remove hardware” and only then unplug the USB drive from your computer. This dramatically reduces the chances of accidentally messing up your USB drive and having to reformat it.


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